Math Olympiad

he program prepares 4th to 6th grade students for division ‘E’, elementary grade students. The Math contests are led by

Math Olympiad Contests preparation program is from 21st September, 2014 to till 24th February, 2015.

The classes are conducted by highly experienced faculty from Fremont Unified School District, who has significant experience in preparing students for Math Olympiad contests.

All students are welcome to part of the Foundation’s teams, when their schools are not registering its teams to participate in the contests.

If interested, then please register by Thursday, 18th September 2014.

The contest dates this season are :

  1. 18th Nov’2014,
  2. 16th Dec’2014
  3. 13th Jan’ 2015
  4. 10th Feb’ 2015
  5. 3rd Mar’ 2015


  • Thursdays (#20):
    1. 5PM to 6PM
    2. from 09/25/14 to 02/26/15
  • Saturday, (#5):
    1. from 10AM to 11AM
    2. 15TH Nov, 2014; 13th Dec, 2014; 10th Jan, 2015; 7th Feb, 2015 and 28th Feb, 2015
  • No class On –27th November ‘Thanksgiving’

Program Fees: $150

For registration and further information, please email to: