Bay Area Math Tournament

You are invited to send one or more teams to the 1st Annual ‘Riverdales Math Tournament’, where teams of students in grades 4th to 6th will compete face-to-face on Saturday, 18th April, 2015 at Chadbourne Elementary School, Fremont, CA.

The tournament is designed, executed and evaluated per the guidance of Math Olympiads organization (

Teachers in Cupertino, San Jose, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Menlo Park, Fremont and Milpitas have expressed great interest in the program. The opportunity for students to grow mathematically is unsurpassed, the problems are clever, engaging, and challenging, and the atmosphere is exciting for student and teacher alike.

Registrations will be limited to # 60 Teams of 5 students each. The registration deadline is 8th April, 2015. One team from each school will be accepted at first and all additional teams from each school wait-listed until the deadline. Since space is limited and acceptance is on a first-received, first-registered basis, you should register all your teams as quickly as possible.

Registration forms must be accompanied by payment or a purchase order. If the Tournament is oversubscribed, the teams affected will be notified and refunds will be made. Within two weeks of acceptance we will send a confirmation email or letter.

Each team must be accompanied by a teacher/parent who will proctor a team from another school. Students and teachers should bring their own lunches and pencils. Mid-morning drinks and snacks will be served.

Calculators will not be permitted. Every student will receive a certificate of participation, and awards will be given to high scoring individuals and teams.

Tournament Schedule :

Date of Tournament: Saturday, 18th April, 2015

Time : 9 AM until 2 PM
Place : Chadbourne Elementary School, Multi-Purpose Room
801 Plymouth Ave, Fremont, CA 94539
Tournament : Each team is composed of any five students from the same school who are in grades [4, 5 or 6]. A team may have students from different grades. There are two events: 10 individual problems and 10 team problems. The solution or solutions to each problem will be reviewed thoroughly. If needed, up to five tiebreaker problems will be employed.
Cost : $125.00 per team. One team will be accepted from each school until the registration deadline, 8th April, 2015. Additional teams from these schools will then be accepted as space permits. The mail must be postmarked by 6th April, 2015.
Chaperones : One teacher per team is required — as a proctor.
Awards : All students will receive a certificate of participation. High scorers, both individual and team, will receive awards.
Lunch : Students and chaperones should bring their lunches and sharpened pencils. Midmorning snacks and drinks will be provided.
Calculators : Calculators will not be permitted for this event.

Donations to Schools of Winning Teams:

  • The foundation will donate $500, to the School represented by the team winning the first prize
  • The foundation will donate $250, to the School represented by the team winning the second prize
  • The foundation will donate $100 to the School represented by the team winning the third prize

For further information, please email: