About Us

Riverdales Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to developing and offering STEM focused programs, designed for 4th to 8th grade students in the bay area.

Riverdales Foundation endeavors to deliver high quality after school and summer STEM programs, that will not only spark a child’s interest, but teach the skills required to permanently increase the ranks of youth, qualified to compete in STEM fields.

Programs that enthuse engagement, promote ‘Hands-on Exploration’, are relevant to the real life experiences, convey knowledge and stimulate intellectual growth, develop reasoning abilities, and where youth learn to develop positive relationships with peers and adults engaged in the program.

All three founding members of the organization have a Doctoral or a Masters degree in their professional field. Each has at least 25 years experience, in either field of Biochemistry, Information Technology, Psychology and Software Development.

They are strongly driven by the desire to share the STEM knowledge with elementary and middle school students, to embed the seeds of curiosity and learning in STEM fields. To achieve their goals, they commit themselves to building a platform which offers high quality STEM programs in after school and summer learning environments.