3D Printing

From your imagination to paper, and to software – now to a 3D model, which is true to real life.

3D printing is often a mysterious and seemingly magical process, also known as “Additive Manufacturing” or “Stereo Lithography.”

3D printing turns computer models into real physical things. It takes different materials, from biodegradable plastic filament PLA to ABS plastic to Nylon, melts it into thin layers onto a surface, moves up and prints another layer. After layer upon layer, you are left with a physical object.

A hands-on project, in which after designing with 3D modeling software, students take the 3D prints of their creativity and test it with real life relevance, use their reasoning abilities, interact with peers and adults, only to go back to the drawing board to repeat the process for better results.

Riverdales Foundation shall soon announce the program in 3D Printing for 4th to 8th grade students in the city of Fremont, CA.